BHMAsia Service - Management and Operations

As a mainstay of our professional services, BHMA also provides first class management and operations for your establishment. Our team of executives have a broad knowledge base that allows them to provide these services in such a way as to maximize cash flow and returns.

We tailor these services to match the owner’s exact requirements as we know from our own in-depth experience that each property is very different in terms of the day-to-day challenges it faces from an operations standpoint. From our own experiences as owners and investors ourselves we have the experience to be able to fully support every eventuality.

Ease of Operations

Centralising all operations and issues to one management company means costs are lower than single unit management. There is a shared set of accounting records and a centralised point of operations, which make it easier for us to manage. These savings are passed on to the owners. Other savings benefits come from the sharing of banking fees, administration charges and advertising costs.

Higher Occupancy

As with many other aspects, the advertising of your property with BHMA will be much more cost effective and also much more rewarding in terms of occupancy. As a large and seasoned management and operations company we already have an extensive network of local, regional and international sales & marketing channels to ensure all units are rented out as frequently as is possible, thus increasing site occupancy and of course income for all owners.

Lower Costs

Because Bespoke is all about delivering a high quality service experience from a limited cost base, BHMA help owners and operators to overcome challenges inherent to the Bespoke sector.

•          Lack of scale

•          Limited access to resources; physical and financial

Due to the centralization of all its resources, we will simplify your access to a global network and reduce your cost by offering you access to flexible resources, according to your property needs.

Rental Programs

As a property developer you are very likely aware that most buyers in this day and age buy property with a keen eye on deriving regular returns from their investment in the form of rental income. BHMA specializes in creating and running these all-encompassing rental programs, enabling developers to sell their properties more easily and often at higher values. Selling a condo to an investor is a whole lot easier when you have a branded and professionally run management and rental program tacked on.

Key Skills

Online agent sales

Retail travel agent sales


CRM and loyalty marketing

Online advertising

Graphic design

Public relations

Events and activities


Web design


Revenue (yield) management